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Conduktor Inc. | Scala/Kafka Software Engineer Roles | EU/US/World | Full-Time | FULL REMOTE

Conduktor, a desktop application, a developer tool, exists to help developers, operators, QA, enterprises, working with Apache Kafka to ensure their system and data are safe. We want to make working with Apache Kafka as easy as possible and streamline all the processes thanks to the different softwares we want to build around it. We don’t host any Apache Kafka ourselves, our customers have their own solution. We are building smart and beautiful interfaces for our users to “forget” about the internal slippery details of Apache Kafka, and let them trust us.

We’re a small team for now (founders, a few engineers, a few sales), constantly looking for new people to help us. We’re currently hiring mostly in EU timezone, but are also open to US/Canada (note: most of us are french-speaking, hence a french culture).

Our stack: Kotlin, Scala, ZIO, React/TypeScript, Google Cloud, and you must know Apache Kafka

– We don’t host any Apache Kafka cluster, this is not a Data Engineer or DevOps position.
– We’re using ZIO in Scala, we are adept of FP principles and love it.

Kafka & Scala Software Engineer | Full Remote

If you’re interested, apply on our AngelList jobs page, here:

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