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Location: relocating from Boston/ to Hong Kong (for the love of my Swedish girlfriend…hence the remote job search)

Remote: Yes (contract/part-time!!)

Willing to relocation: not again (see above)

Technologies: Python/R/Bash/Matlab/Latex/git | UNIX/Linux | TF2/keras/CUDA for ML models


email: (also my username for github and linkedin)

I love plotting and data visualization.

I am finishing a postdoctoral fellowship at harvard medical school looking to break out of academia. My PhD dissertation was in graph and network theory, applying nonlinear models to biodata (all kinds of ‘omics) and I now work on time course trajectory modeling with LSTMs mostly, as well as integration of many ‘omics to predict novel therapeutics

I am a contributor to open-source projects, in particular to the netZoo package and