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mParticle | New York (NYC), Florida, Seattle, REMOTE | Software, Cloud, Devops, Backend, Security, Manager, iOS |

We’re a Customer Data Platform (CDP) on our series D. I’ve been very impressed with our architecture since joining, we handle a huge amount of data and we have some very big names as customers. It’s a great company to be a part of and we’re growing rapidly. DM me on Twitter with questions or for a referral.

– Cloud Systems Engineer II: 2+ years exp; AWS, Bash, Python, Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Chef, Puppet;

– Security Engineer II: 2+ years exp; OWASP Top 10, AWS Security;

– Software Engineer II – Integrations: 1-3+ years exp; OOP, SQL, C#;

– Senior Software Engineer – Data Engineering: 3+ years exp: SQL-like, ETL pipelines, Druid, Fivetran, Redshift, Looker, Spark;

– Senior Software Engineer – Distributed Systems: 2+ years exp;

– Software Engineer II – Performance Engineering: 2 – 5+ years exp; C#, .NET Core, AWS, DataDog, Cloud Trail, SumoLogic;

– Staff Software Engineer – Performance Engineering: 7+ years exp; C#, AWS, SQL / RDBMS, NoSQL, Messaging;

– Staff Software Engineer – Mobile Engineering & Developer Tools: 5+ years exp; Kotlin, Swift;

– Software Engineering Manager: 3+ years exp;