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The Engineering Company | | Full-time | Software Engineer | London | C++, C#, Java

The Engineering Company is a very innovative London-based startup. We are developing a tool that is changing the way engineering products such as robots, cars and rockets are designed today. We are affecting the lives of thousands of engineers and making inconceivable technologies possible.

At The Engineering Company, we care about your personal and professional growth. We are a team of individuals that want to make an impact while having a great time in the process. We invest in developing your skills and we work in a very collaborative environment. If you join our company, you will be able to explore the limits of our technology from day one, influencing both the product and the business. You will also be able to join our socials and our very fun and interesting conversations over lunch!

We are looking for a Junior and Mid-level Software engineer to join the core team. If you identify with the people and the company’s vision, We’d love to set up the first interview with you!

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