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Focsec | Python Software Engineer | Full-Time | Remote | Europe (within +/- 2 hours of central european time) |

We are building the most advanced threat intelligence API and platform. We help businesses and public agencies reduce fraud, detect suspicious logins and signups, block spam and bots. Our core technologies are Python, Django, Flask, Celery, PostgreSQL and Redis.

We’re looking for a Python Software Engineer (mid to senior level) who enjoys building backend systems, understands software architecture and loves to automate things.

Your qualifications:

* 2+ years of Python development (preferably using Django or Flask)

* strong understanding of HTTP and a broad understanding of networking in general

* working with SQL and No-SQL databases, processing large datasets

* strong linux server and command line skills, you should feel comfortable in a SSH session

Additionally, any of the following is considered a plus:

* experience with e-commerce software

* basic AI/ML experience

* open source contributions

To apply, send your CV to and also tell us what your favorite Python library is.

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