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A Better Consultancy | Software Engineer | Full Time / Part Time | Singapore

We are a small technology advisory and consultancy firm who are highly selective on our client projects. We work with clients who have interesting software projects – from either business perspective or tech perspective – and that try to make the world a better place.

We also have a backlog of our own projects that we’re looking to bring to market to ensure that our workload is interesting, varied as well as technically and commercially exciting.

We are very open to flexible working arrangements – and are able to work with you to accommodate your own projects or hobbies – though we do need you to be based in Singapore already.

We work in small and close-knit teams of product manager, UX designer and developers. In terms of development, we use programming languages that are suitable for the project and the client’s needs. As long as you can code and are willing to learn new language or technologies, you are welcome – and we enjoy a learning focused, highly positive work environment.

If you are interested, email hans[at] and let’s have a chat.

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