New comment by IrisChase in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (June 2021)"

Location: Atlanta GA, USA (but no roots if you know what I mean)

Remote: All but required.

Willing to relocate: Maybe.

Technologies: Modern C++, SQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, some C#, currently learning Node.js/TypeScript


Email: “iris” aat “”

I’ve spent the last few years developing a declarative GUI programming language and implementation called “IVD” (, it’s not done yet because life happens. “should be done soon it only needs the last 5%” is the current status.

My experience is all solo projects but I’m ready to get into the industry. At the moment I’m most interested in getting into backend work with Node and TypeScript, but also have an interest in React. I have done full-stack but nothing recent worth putting out in public.

I’m working on a project using TypeScript/Node/Express/SQLite3 which you should totally bring up if you’re interested in contacting me.