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The Seattle Institute for Biomedical and Clinical Research (SIBCR) in Seattle, WA has an opening for a research/software engineer in the field of image processing and analysis. This is an onsite full time position.

Responsibilities: 1) Developing/designing new algorithms for visualizing 3D data and assisting with data analysis and reporting. 2) Assisting in redeveloping/optimizing existing analysis software built in Matlab/CUDA. 3) Working with users to understand design requirements and incorporate user feedback into design revisions.


• Excellent problem-solving skills
• Excellent command over Matlab or Python, and C or C++
• Strong competency in version control (GitHub or similar)
• Strong competency in fundamental image techniques such as:
o Image processing (convolution, dilation, etc…)
o Shape analysis (statistical, principal component or Procrustes)
o Image manipulation in 3D environments
• Excellent independence and self-sufficiency (candidate will become the subject matter expert on various facets of these projects)
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• A bachelors degree in a relevant engineering or computer science discipline, with at least 2 years of work history

Qualifications desired but not required:

• A Graduate degree in a relevant engineering or computer science discipline
• UI development experience
• Medical imaging experience

The annual salary range for this full-time position is approximately $65,000 – $80,000 depending on qualifications, with benefits. Please note that this position is only open to U.S. citizens.

For more information / Qualified applicants should send a cover letter discussing the above qualifications (also briefly describing how this position supports their overall career trajectory) and curriculum vitae with 3 letters of reference to:

Joseph M Iaquinto, PhD Research Biomedical Engineer Center for Limb Loss and MoBility (CLiMB) VA Puget Sound Seattle WA