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Cuanto (YC 19) | REMOTE (everyone in the company) | Full-time | Full Stack Engineer

The company

We’re creating tools to help entrepreneurs in Latin America grow their business through Instagram and WhatsApp. We want to help the region’s +200M self-employed bring their businesses online.

Our product is a Shopify-meets-Square for a business run by one person. We believe this will help millions make a living off the internet.

The role

As a small team, we need generalists who can build full features for our users. You’ll be working on features related to e-commerce, payments, fraud and social media.

We need you to care about code quality and UX. You love building world class products for users, as well as writing tests and documentation. You know how to build crisp UIs and appreciate the value of quick feedback from a CI pipeline.

You will be a founding team member of our engineering organization. You will have the option of growing into a tech lead or keep killing it as an IC.

Tech Stack: React Native, React, Rails, PostgreSQL, Metabase/Segment/Amplitude.


These products are enabling a lot of people to live off the internet doing what they love.

Our customers are turning passions into revenue, starting companies and quitting their 9-to-5 in a region where human capital is underappreciated.

Send me a message at if you want to know more about the role and what we’re doing.