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Parity Technologies (Polkadot, Substrate, Kusama)

Full-time Employee or Contractor

Parity Technologies makes blockchain infrastructure; our teams have launched Polkadot (decentralized, interoperable blockchain network) and Substrate (Blockchain-builder SDK).

We’re looking for experienced Rust blockchain engineers to focus on infrastructure + protocol-level topics in areas like parachains (interoperability), cross-chain messaging (XCMP), consensus (BABE/GRANDPA), and bridges. Outside of these areas, we are always open to exceptional talent in areas with both blockchain and/or more general low-level rust engineering focuses (or C++, Go / Golang, C#, etc).

We also are hiring across all of our Information Security / Tech Ops / DevOps / SRE / CICD / Tooling teams, as well as our

10+ open rust positions, 25+ total open engineering positions.

CONTACT: Apply and view more details here:

Email for any questions — please mention that you found my email on HackerNews 🙂