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SEEKING WORK | Munich, Germany or Remote

I am a freelance data scientist & data engineer with six years of experience mostly in retail analytics, mobility intelligence, urban traffic simulation, cloud robotics,


– Data science: machine learning, deep learning, AI, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Pandas, NumPy, JupyterLab, Apache Zeppelin, Matplotlib, Seaborn

– Data engineering: static and streaming data processing, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Parquet, HDFS, Hadoop, Spark, Dask, Joblib, NetworkX, Neo4J, Kafka, Apache Airflow, Celery, Fabric, Docker, Flask, Alembic, AWS EC2, EMR, S3, Lambda, CloudWatch

– Location intelligence: geospatial data science, indoor and outdoor localization methods, cellular network data analytics, urban traffic modeling, SUMO microscopic agent-based traffic simulator

– Robotics: cloud robotics architectures, ROS

– Programming & query languages: Python, Java, Scala, C/C++, SQL, Cypher


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