New comment by netfunk81 in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (February 2020)"

Location: EU

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Go, Ruby, Rails, Elixir, Rust, C, PostgreSQL, web development, distributed systems, Apache Kafka, streaming, audio development

Résumé/CV: Available on request


Hi HN,

I’m a seasoned developer with previous as co-founder/CTO of a funded startup (8 years) in the web/audio space.

Currently I work as tech lead for a product team in a mid-sized EU startup (2 years). I’m a productive, polyglot programmer with plenty of direct experience in backend web dev, mobile and desktop development and real-time audio/streaming tech. I’m also comfortable tackling the non-technical challenges faced by startups – product mindset, process, project management, engineering management, etc…

I’m interested in hearing about opportunities where my skills, experience and mindset may be a good fit. Must be remote-friendly, but I can travel within Europe for interviews and meetings.

Example roles that I’d consider:

– Backend/full-stack web development (f/t or contract)

– Audio/video/streaming dev roles

– TL/EM position

– Technical co-founder opportunities, salaried

Throwaway account, full CV available on request.