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Odd Camp | Front End Developer | Remote | Full-time

Hej! We’re a digital agency building products for clients in many different industries such as gaming, finance, health care, civic society, law, media, and education.

We were born in Stockholm back in 2010 and have been a remote-first company for 8+ years. You’ll be joining a multi-national line-up – Sweden, Portugal, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Spain are all represented here.

Some of the things we’re currently cooking up:

– Helping volunteers and non-profits find each other by creating a new brand and digital platform for The Swedish Volunteer Agency.
– Empowering European civil society by building the first version of the digital platform for the European Hub for Civic Engagement.
– Campaign and brand websites for a bunch of different video games.
– Outdoor guides that brings more people outside to enjoy the Swedish nature

Apply here: