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SEEKING WORK | United States | Remote or Onsite

– 13 years designing and building mission-critical software, data, and cloud solutions for customers in the Financial Markets, including Fortune 500 companies, Investment Managers, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Data Vendors.

– Developed cloud based web apps, custom dashboards, distributed data pipelines, market data systems, natural language text analytics, software/data architecture including micro-services, automated trading, and ETL systems;

Technologies: Python, Go, Java/Scala, Javascript (Node.js, Jquery, React), R, AWS, Azure, GCP, Hashicorp Terraform & Vault, Databases (SQL, NoSQL, BigQuery, Redis, Cassandra, others), Message Queues (RabbitMQ/Celery, ØMQ, Apache Kafka), Big Data (Apache Spark, Airflow/Kubeflow, Beam, Snowflake, Dask), Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing (Sklearn, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Gensim, NLTK, Spacy, ElasticSearch), Web Scraping

(Email) hn (at) ryansmccoy (dot) com