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HealthiVibe | London, UK | Remote (UK Only) | Full Time

HealthiVibe, a division of Corrona LLC, is a market leader in innovative, evidence-based patient engagement initiatives across the product lifecycle for pharmaceutical clients. The HealthUnlocked platform is a key part of our ambitious plans to create an industry-leading ecosystem centered around the patient voice, providing access to engaged patients across the globe and allowing us to better understand what matters most to patients.

We’re looking for a

    - Senior Backend Developer ;; Clojure
    - Fullstack Developer      ;; Clojure and React/Redux/Next.js
    - QA Engineer              // Cypress preferable but TS/JS skills and a broad experience of testing tools in general is welcome too!

to join the Product, Data and Technology team at HealthiVibe and help build on the success of the HealthUnlocked platform as the world’s largest health focussed social network improving the lives of millions of patients. We help people find the information they need to better manage their health condition, and connect them with others from all over the world in the same situation for peer support and advice.

Tech stack: Clojure, React, Redux, Next.js, Docker, AWS, Terraform, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis

This role is remote first, the team made a successful transition to being fully remote in 2020. We use Clojure heavily on the backend, and deploy our code in Docker containers to our Terraform managed AWS infrastructure. Our frontend stack is built in React, Redux and Next.js.

We like to move fast and release in small increments frequently – you’ll be deploying to production within your first few days. As a team we really value giving enough time for developers to tackle bug-fixes, refactoring and other technical optimisations, which we do by alternating 2 week product feature sprints with maintenance periods to ensure the long-term technical health of our codebase.

Send me some CVs and resumes!
Happy to chat as well if you need some more info: