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Snowplow Analytics | Scala and/or React Engineers | REMOTE, preferably UTC+/-3 | Full-time |

There are tens of thousands of our open source data pipelines collecting events emitted from over half a million sites
and apps worldwide. Snowplow is the ideal platform for data teams who want to manage their data in real-time and in their own cloud. We also collect, validate, enrich and load up to 5 billion events for our customers each day and help them on their Snowplow journey through our management console.

We’re currently hiring in to the team developing our management console. Their mission is to improve the onboarding of customers and empower them to derive more and more value from their Snowplow pipeline over time. We are building Scala services to expose pipeline metrics, configuration and controls to our React UI and put them in the hands of our customers.

More info and open roles in Support, Data and Customer here: