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SEEKING WORK | DC, Barcelona, Melbourne | 4-person remote agency w/ 6+ years exp.

We are a web app development and design agency that helps non-technical founders build their first MVPs and turn their dreams into working businesses. We use lean design principles and agile development to minimize time to product/market fit. We act as your technical implementation partner building robust MVPs with strong foundations; allowing you to focus on strategy, business development, and growing your user base with no worries.

What we’ve done lately:

  -PWA designed to perform car inspections by mobile mechanics, nationwide, 20K AUD MRR

  -End to end development of a mobile responsive moving services booking platform

  -Pro bono work to build an outreach platform with intelligent pdf parsing to provide support for gamblers in need

What we typically use:

  -Languages: Ruby, HTML, CSS, JS, SQL

  -Frontend: Stimulus, Vue, React

  -Backend: Rails

  -Testing: Rspec, Minitest, Jest

  -Design: Figma, Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop

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