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WeGift ( | Mid / Senior / Engineering Manager (backend) | UK | VISA can be arranged

WeGift just raised another $12m and we’re on a mission to overhaul B2C payments. At peak, our platform sees £100k in transactions every hour, but we need to scale to handle 10x this. We just launched in the U.S and expect volume to massively increase and that presents a challenge to the engineering team.

We need Engineers who are excited to help solve this. We have a great team of independent thinkers, with autonomy, ownership and the ability to bring new tech and ideas to the table.

We’re hiring for Mid and Senior Backend Engineers, as well as hands-on Engineering Managers. Whilst we work predominantly with Python we are very open minded to background; in our minds good engineers are great at adapting and learning new things!

If you’re interested in applying or have any general questions, please get in touch with Adam Horne (

Our tech… core services are containerized Python Flask web apps on our brand new Kubernetes cluster in AWS EKS. That’s all provisioned with infrastructure as code using Terraform. Persistence comes from AWS Aurora (Postgres) with some Redis for the fast bits. We’ve got a range on the frontend from server rendered templates to Vue 3 SPAs driven by GraphQL apis.

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