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Winterlight Labs | Software Engineer, Full Stack | Toronto, Canada | ONSITE | FULL-TIME |

Winterlight Labs is a healthcare startup that is developing digital biomarkers to measure neurological and psychiatric conditions. Our machine learning technology analyzes both the acoustics and content of speech and language to help identify disease and quantify its severity. We work with life science companies, academia, and senior care companies to improve clinical trials, quality of care, and health outcomes.

We are looking for a full-stack software engineer to take ownership of the assessment app that is used to collect data from clinical research sites and other partners. The stack you’ll be managing is a React Native iOS app with a Python backend. We are looking for a “move at a reasonable pace and don’t break things”-type of person since we are stewards of personal health data. We use modern cloud infrastructure that is either containerized and deployed on AWS via Terraform.

Apply by email at with “Software Engineer, Full Stack” in the subject. More details:…