Y Combinator is hiring a product engineer to help more YC companies hire

Little known fact: YC has a small engineering team that helps power YC itself. We build all kinds of tools to help founders in all aspects of starting a startup — getting user feedback, getting advice (from partners & other founders) and even raising money.

One of the newer initiatives is YC’s Work at a Startup — it’s a hiring platform that has helped hundreds of YC startups hire early employees. (As well as a few larger ones like Stripe, Instacart and Brex, to name a few.)

We’ve had some success with Work at a Startup, and we’re now looking to hire a second engineer to build more features, scale the product and help more people find jobs at YC startups.

You’ll be working directly with two former YC founders/engineers (from Box, Twitter & Lyft), and a small software team full of kind people who are eager to help you get up-to-speed. You’ll be relied upon not only to help us tackle our hefty roadmap, but to also explore how YC can leverage its unique structural advantages to help our founders hire great people even faster.

To learn more about YC and this unique role, read more and apply here:


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