CareRev (YC S16) Is Hiring Technical Project Managers

As a technical project manager at CareRev you will be apart of 2 product delivery teams comprised of client app engineers, back end engineers, product managers, and designers. Within these teams you will be responsible for driving projects to delivery. You will sniff out and help resolve/route project blockers both within the team itself and from cross team dependencies. You will manage project expectations across the company. You will organize and optimize communications about projects to expedite delivery.

We operate mostly within Kanban method and focus on process flow optimization, though some projects may also use a 2 week scrum approach when a particular project suits that better. Right now we have 3 product teams, and we are growing to 6 as a goal by end of q2. Some teams will track to business metrics/KPIs and others will be more exploratory with new features that don’t have a proven business value. We are fully remote and intend to stay that way post pandemic. The entire team is in the USA, and we anticipate 2 individual team meetups a year and 1 or 2 whole company meetups a year.

CareRev builds products/services for the Healthcare Industry helping to optimize the delivery of healthcare services. Visit for more details.

Required Skills

    Ability to drive projects to conclusion
Ability to organize and catalog project details
Ability to manage expectations about projects across the company
Understanding of web/internet technologies
Ability to run meetings effectively - even when the conversations are difficult ones
Ability to converse about and drive conversations to make decisions around scope, time, cost and derivatively about resources, quality, and risk to a project.
Clear and succinct writing

Useful Knowledge

    One or more ticket tracking systems - Clubhouse, Jira, Fogbugz, Trello, Asana, etc
Kanban and process flow/JIT delivery processes
Agile Manifesto and related process offspring


    2 or more years experience as a project manager
2 or more years experience with internet technologies as a project manager or as an engineer, product owner, designer, hacker, etc.
College Degree

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