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SEEKING WORK | Remote | Part-Time 2days/week

I am a freelance full-stack web developer with over six years of experience delivering software. I have worked for clients all around the world in many different industries. I have delivered solutions for solo founders, startups, digital agencies and big companies, such as Apple. I have background in computer science and am able to create everything from small business websites to custom web applications.

Technologies: JavaScript, React.js, Next.js, Gatsby, Apollo, GraphQL, Redux, data visualizations (D3.js, Mapbox, Leaflet), WordPress, Bootstrap, Material UI, Webpack, PostgreSQL, AWS, Heroku, Firebase, TypeScript, headless CMS (Contentful, Prismic, Strapi), and more.

I am available for part-time engagements 2 days/week.

Location: Europe

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Not at the moment


Email: mail[at]

Personal Website: