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SEEKING WORK | GMT-3 (Brazil) | Remote

I’m part of a team of +50 developers with a 10-year background working together on high-visibility projects for Fortune 500s, Inc 5000s, internationally renowned names such as the UN & the IOC, and high-growth startups coast-to-coast.

We are now focusing on helping several early-stage startups to build their digital platforms/products using tech like React, React Native, Node.js, Laravel, AWS, ElasticSearch, and more.

If you’re a founder/CTO that’s got a great product, is a cool person, and could use some help hitting product milestones faster or launching your product on time and within budget, we can probably help.

All of our team members are internal employees (no freelancers) with proven experience working with major organizations worldwide.

Rates are $39/hr, being in Brazil and sharing our profits with our devs, we can afford to be very competitive on pricing, especially considering our expertise & portfolio.

Reach out @ to see some of our previous work or to chat.