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SEEKING FREELANCER | | Life-saving start-up | Machine Learning/Data Scientist | Senior Software Engineer (Python) | Always remote (in EU)

Brief overview video:

Company: is a healthcare tech start-up that is currently developing an ecosystem around a medically certified smartwatch that can provide a much sought-after solution for the market, providing features like indoor and outdoor location tracking, voice communication and advanced daily activity insights to save lives by proactively trying to prevent cardiac arrests and helping a person in distress more quickly.

Location: always remote (located in EU), main timezone is CEST

Type: can be either contractor or on payroll, both for a long-term cooperation

Looking for:

– Medior/senior Python (Flask) engineers with cloud experience (preferably AWS):

– Machine Learning/Data Scientist: set up the data pipeline, train models on medical data to detect diseases and heart rate anomalies, gesture recognition with data from our smartwatch and more:

Bonus: worked in a start-up before

Why us?

– contrarily to most start-ups, customers are already waiting in line for us to deliver the product

– the company is founded by people with proven experience in this industry

– we have our hardware, firmware and software under one roof, which gives us full control over the ecosystem that we are building

– we value everyone who helps to build this story and reward that with stock options. If the company does well, so will you.

If you’re interested, send me your resume/LinkedIn via the website or to

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