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Railway | | Engineers (Infra/Full-Stack) | SF & Remote

Railway is collaborative software infrastructure with superpowers. It’s as simple as CMD + K -> Postgres to provision whatever containers you need. We also offer cloud environments for all team members, a CLI to route all the container-relevant environment variables to your programs, and plugins like (e.g Postgres) which interface with your favorite libraries (Prisma, Knex, etc).

Our goal is to offer the fastest experience from zero to production application. We’re at about 15 minutes for developers, and we want to get that down to 5 minutes, for anybody.

Our Core Tech:

Frontend: TypeScript, React, GraphQL.

Backend: TypeScript, Node, Golang, Prisma.

Databases: Postgres.

Infrastructure: Ansible, Terraform, Docker, CloudFlare Workers.

About Us: Really small team (3 ATM), all engineers. Backed by some of the biggest names in devtools. Well capitalized and lots of equity in the table if you want to tune the slider either way (Cash or Equity)

If you’re interested, play with the product and shoot me an email jake at railway dot app (Please cc jobs at railway dot app so that it lands in our Discord). Looking forward to hearing from you!


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