New comment by ofu997hn in "Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? (May 2021)"

  Location: West Coast, USA
  Remote: Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Technologies: JavaScript | C# | | HTML | CSS | React | Gatsby | .NET | Node  | Git | MongoDB | MS SQL  
  Résumé/CV: available on request. See my projects at

I am a passionate and curious developer that likes to mingle with all aspects of stacks. I build user interfaces and fully-fledged applications with JavaScript, databases, and C#. Looking for a junior/associate fulltime position. Prefer remote but willing to relocate. Ideally, a role that supports learning and growth, starts small and scales up. I’m motivated to improve products and investigate bugs.

I’ve had a few companies reach out to me for calls only to realize I don’t have a lot of experience. Please keep that in mind to avoid wasting time on both ends.