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SEEKING WORK | Central Europe(EU, CET+0) | Remote |

I’m a seasoned web development expert with a knack for UX design. I specialize in front-end(React), but also do back-end(Node).

I have extensive experience in architecting, building, and delivering large custom-made web applications.

Over the last decade I helped several US/EU based clients build Airbnb-like platforms, real-time GPS vehicle tracking suites, healthcare/finance/construction apps, and more.

I mostly collaborate with tech companies, but also have a lot of positive experiences assuming CTO-for-hire roles to work with non-technical founders.

Tech stack: React.js, JS/TypeScript/Babel, Node, Webpack, GraphQL, ESLint,, styled-components etc.

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• Passion project from 2014 (100k monthly visitors):

RATE: $150/hour with a minimum budget of $30k.

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