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Medo.AI | Android Dev | Full Time | Edmonton, Canada or REMOTE |

Medo is bringing the benefits of ultrasound scanning to communities and point of care locations that have previously not had access to this safe, cheap imaging technology. We hope to enable early diagnosis of many conditions that can be debilitating or deadly if detected too late.

We are looking for an experienced Android developer to lead a greenfield project to bring what we’ve learned into a new, streamlined mobile application. We’re looking for somebody with experience shipping Kotlin apps, who has strong opinions about the Right Way to build a modern Android app, and who has held primary responsibility for designing and building products in the past.

Medo is pre-revenue but well funded, with FDA approval for two products and more on the way. We’d prefer a local (Edmonton Canada) candidate but will accommodate remote work for the right person. You can view our job ad at or email me directly at Thanks!